Welcome to the Tropical island of Tax Haven INU, the ultimate wealth creation Island. Enjoy, beautiful beaches and stunning exotic views, while keeping your hard-earned money safe from the crypto tax man’s greedy hands.

Our Island is sophisticatedly designed to ensure secure wealth generation & passive income for investors - Tax haven INU, a safe community driven getaway from tokens that are; High tax, stagnate, uninspired and rug pulls, etc.

Haven Features

Renounced Contract

No dev control or interference. This means it’s fully in the hands of the community without ANY dev requirement. (Note - Renouncement has been pushed back due to community demand)

Liquidity locked

The liquidity is 100% safe and secure LOCKED on Team finance. Absolutely no chance of rug pulls

Anti-Bot System

Bots beware! No bots are able to bypass Island security guaranteed. Fair for all investors.


Offshore Accounts Collection

Our first exclusive NFT set named 'The Offshore Accounts Collection' were a limted time set. Lucky holders were inducted into the first membership program the island has to offer.

Gold and Platinum membership earn the right for limted edition rewards - for more information, please click the link below !



Staking Also known as The Vault

Each holder of $TAXHAVENINU has the opportunity to earn passive income by storing their tokens at the island's Vault.

1% of each island entry and exit fees are collected and sent into The Vault to be distributed as dividends to all stakers - Earn Ethereum while you sleep !

Stake Now!

The Vault - Version 1.1

Safe and Secure
No Fees
Withdraw at any time
Passive Ethereum rewards

Tax Haven Tokenomics

Fees breakdown pie chart

The low tax system is especially designed to ensure sustainability for the Tax Haven Community.

With all great projects, funding is one of the main foundations of successful communities. As our community grows, we didn’t want to rely on purely donations to pursue growth for the project. A very small percentage will be taken to help with marketing outreach and development of the Tax haven INU.

Island Entrance Fee: 5%
Island Exit Fee: 7%

How to buy Tax Haven

Building the island - Blueprints

Tax haven Inu is a community driven token, The roadmap may be adapted/modified during its course, influenced by community decision

Island phase one

✅ Contract deployment
✅ Anti bot measures
✅ Website revealed
✅ Contract renounced (Pending for community vote)
✅ Panama papers released (whitepaper)

Island phase two (Social engagement)

✅ Youtube & social influencers (Ongoing)
✅ Dextools 🔥
🌴 Techrate audit
✅ CG listing
✅ CMC listing
✅ NFTs limited Collection
✅ The Vault

Island Phase Three (Utility functionality)

🌴 Merchandise
🌴 DEX listing
🌴 (Community vote of the island's direction: NFTs, Game, Staking, etc.)

Tax Haven Inu